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Concrete Slab Sawing

Using walk-behind diesel, electric and hydraulic slab saws, Dan-Kel’s team of technicians are the region’s experts at specialized commercial concrete sawing. Whether you’re installing or modifying underground utilities, in need of highway patching, green sawing to create expansion joints, or bridge demolition, our slab sawing teams have the training, experience and skills clients have counted on for more than 30 years. Using modern, state-of-the art equipment from Husqvarna, Dixie Diamond, Hilti, Sanders/Multiquip Diamond Products, and custom made equipment, our large fleet of slab saws stays at the ready for reliable and safe operation. For the largest projects, such as bridge demolition, our slab saws can run up to 72” diameter blades helping to get the job done quickly. We can create straight crack expansion joints nearly anywhere. When potentially hazardous fumes are a concern, our electric saws are the clean and safe solution for interior concrete sawing projects.

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Concrete Wall Sawing

When a precision vertical, horizontal, or any angle cut is needed in a concrete wall, Dan-Kel’s track-mounted wall saws cut precise openings to spec the first time, and every time. Electric and hydraulic diamond wall sawing blades from Husqvarna, and other leading manufacturers, ensure the job is done right, with the best equipment available. Cutting walls to 30” thick, Dan-Kel can create the perfect opening without compromising the surrounding concrete. This technique works on ceilings, too. Whether cutting an opening for a door, window, HVAC, or utility panels, wall sawing from Dan-Kel is the fast, affordable, clean way to get the job done. Residential, commercial, industrial jobs are all welcome, no matter how big or small. We’ll measure twice, cut once, and clean up. The Dan-Kel way is to provide the client with a free estimate, reasonable rates, and speedy service. All work is guaranteed.

Concrete Core Drilling

As the Southeast’s premier concrete cutting and coring experts, we know how important each part of the job is, especially the core drilling. From running conduit through existing slabs or walls, to rebar replacement, to the need to run industrial PVC or metal pipes, we can drill cores of any size, to handle your job requirement. Whether to assist in a wire-sawing project, or to run plumbing or electrical conduit in pumping stations, or wherever modifications are needed, Dan-Kel’s diamond bits are tailor-made to fit the job.


Concrete Wire Sawing

When no other cutting method is feasible, the diamond wire cutting team from Dan-Kel Concrete Cutting sets to work. Sometimes large flat blades just can’t make the cut, but a wire saw is a versatile method for cutting any concrete or metal of any size, anywhere, and at odd angles. Cutting “live” pipes, pads flush to the floor, and bridge pile caps, are just a few of the highly specialized cuts for which Dan-Kel’s team of experienced wire sawing technicians are trained. Using a complex series of pulleys and tensioners, the virtually indestructible diamond wire can wrap around nearly anything. This specialized cutting is most useful when a traditional method of cut is too thick for conventional blades. Even underwater is no obstacle for Dan-Kel, who will supervise experienced divers to get even the wettest job done right.

GPR Scanning

It’s crucial to know what’s hidden buried within concrete that may have been poured decades earlier. Only GPR, Ground Penetrating Radar, can tell you for certain whether or not gas lines, electrical conduit, rebar, fiber optics, ductwork, or plumbing may exist within. This non-invasive concrete scanning technology requires specialized training, and should not be left to the novice. That’s where Dan-Kel comes in. When there’s any uncertainty, don’t take the chance on accidentally cutting vital utilities, especially when Dan-Kel’s team of GPR experts can work from accurate readouts, assuring you the safest, most cost-effective cuts in the industry. Avoiding costly repairs, and staying safe, are the keys to working smart. Fast, easy, affordable, and accurate, GPR scanning is often the simple solution to a complex problem.

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