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// Hydro - Demolition //

Advanced Concrete Demolition

Hydro Demolition uses calibrated robotic equipment and high-pressure water to selectively remove unsound or delaminated concrete to prepare existing concrete surfaces for overlays, coatings, or repairs. Hydro demolition can also be used to remove sound concrete to specified depths for localized removals. Hydro demolition introduces no vibrations to existing concrete elements common with traditional jackhammer demolition which can result in micro-fracturing to the surrounding substrate. Micro-fractures are small cracks invisible to the eye that can have adverse effects to durability of repairs.


Key Advantages

  • Removes damaged or sound concrete faster and safer than traditional jack hammer techniques.

  • Does not damage steel elements making it an excellent method for removing concrete around embedded elements including steel reinforcement, expansion joints, nelson (shear) studs, and post tension strands.

  • Hydro demo robot can work an any orientation: horizontal, vertical, or overhead.

  • Computer automated robots allow for precise and replicable removal depths.

  • Dust pollution is minimized due to the use of water.

  • Partial depth removal leaves rough surface that promotes maximum adhesion between substrate and overlay.

  • Removes rust and cleans reinforcing steel to “white” condition.

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