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Concrete Removal

From small residential jobs, to commercial concrete & steel high rises, to industrial job sites, concrete breaking and removal projects require skill, speed, safety and accuracy. Dan-Kel is the region’s leader with more than 30 years in the business. Using slab sawing, wire cutting, jackhammers, Bobcats and backhoes, our team can get into the smallest places to get the demolition done quickly and efficiently. For larger projects we pull our teams from three states and beat the demolition deadline, including all the clean-up and disposal. We’ll remove the slurry and return the job site to better than before we started. We’ll work in high-security areas, such as airports, and environmentally sensitive areas as well. We’ll operate vacuums and keep the concrete removal process as clean and dust-free as possible. From a small backyard patio, to the complete demolition of a large bridge, Dan-Kel will make it disappear.


Interstate/Airport Slab Removal

When concrete pavements start to fail, selective patching is an affordable and time effective way to extend the life of the roadway. This work is often completed in overnight lane closures where old concrete is removed, subgrade prepped, dowels/reinforcement installed, high early strength concrete placed, and the road is opened to traffic the following morning. Every second counts during a shut down and Dan-Kel's crew is quick to cut patches full depth into manageable pieces, carefully remove slabs with loaders to prevent spalling to adjacent concrete, and haul slabs away with roll-off dumpsters. Patch areas are left clean and ready for the general contractor to install new concrete.

Robotic Demolition

Robotic Demolition is a superior alternative to traditional jack hammer techniques which can be dangerous and labor intensive. Controlled by wireless remotes, operators can stay at a safe distance while the demo robot does the heavy work. Built on a compact chassis, demo robots can fit through interior doors, climb stairs, and operate on load restricted elevated slabs. Equipped with a high frequency hydraulic system, demo robots pack a big punch in a small package, outperforming excavators five times their size. Powered by 3 phase electricity, these machines produce no emissions, making them well equipped for interior demolition or confined spaces. Demo robots come standard with a breaking hammer, additional attachments include grapple, shear, drum mill, and rock drill. Robotic demolition is the industries' safest and most productive method to demo concrete/masonry in tight or confined job sites.

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Concrete Grinding

Sometimes concrete cutting and removal aren’t called for; that’s where Dan-Kel’s concrete grinding can complete the project. Using walk-behind grinders to fix trip hazards, remove concrete coatings, and to smooth out uneven concrete, Dan-Kel’s technicians are experts in their field. The grinders use a diamond-impregnated grinding rotor, with water, to grind the surface, making two adjoining slabs that were once uneven, back to even. This is vital in safety applications where forklifts’ trip hazards are a safety concern. Safety of your workforce or clients should be at the top of your list, and uneven concrete should always be fixed. The application of new flooring requires perfectly smooth and even concrete surfaces as well. Dan-Kel’s grinders can fix concrete doorjambs heaved from weather or other causes. Simple, fast and affordable, Dan-Kel offers free quotes on grinding and all their concrete-related services.


Hydro Demolition uses calibrated robotic equipment and high-pressure water to selectively remove unsound or delaminated concrete to prepare existing concrete surfaces for overlays, coatings, or repairs. Hydro demolition can also be used to remove sound concrete to specified depths for localized removals. Hydro demolition introduces no vibrations to existing concrete elements common with traditional jackhammer demolition which can result in micro-fracturing to the surrounding substrate. Micro-fractures are small cracks invisible to the eye that can have adverse effects to durability of repairs.

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